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Some say he's just Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War Hero of the North, and 18th President of the United States, living today among us, cleverly posing as an alias for a Progressive RetroWave Artist and Sound Designer. 

Unconfirmed / Rumors:

* The Original MiniMoog was supposed to have been a polysynth, but Major Oscillator stole a large stockpile of VCO's from Moog headquarters several days before the unveiling. 


* The Major holds a firm belief that all Roland synths made before 1992  will cause prostate cancer. As a precaution, he plays his Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8 wearing a lead-shielded apron, and little else. 


* Contrary to popular belief, he has the worlds largest collection of themed and special edition Moog Voyagers, not Trent Reznor.


* HE once worked at the pentagon, and held the rank of General. He was demoted to the rank of Major when guards caught him circuit bending the audible alarm system in the lobby. 

* He holds the world record for "Most returned items to a Guitar Center Retail Location."


*Korg filed a restraining order against Major Oscillator for sending death threats by mail to the design engineer of the Volca.

*He once tried to form a livetronica band that performed while on rollerblades. The "RollerBladeRunners" were said to have been made up of 3 members: Major Oscillator, Vangelis, and Chick Korea. The band's near instant demise was the result of 2 severe setbacks;   Vangelis never honored the part of his contract that mandated daily exercise, and they were being sued by both RollerBlade© and Ridley Scott. 

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