256 Patches; 1 bank of Singles, 1 Bank of Multi's

  • Lush analog plucks, pads, bass, and leads

  • Sleek, smooth, ear-pleasing digital wavetable-based presets of all styles

  • High energy distortion-driven bass leads with tempo-sync'd expression assignments

  • Logical and intuitive modulation assignments for instant creative expression

  • 10 "Stock" MajorOSC-designated Wavetables to load into Summit to be used with SuperWave  (although this is not required, as the majority of presets rely upon the 50+ stock wavetables)

  • Full Preset tracker list including notes for Single Bank


After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Patch Bank Files in a Zipped folder. Please make sure your Summit updated to the most recent firmware. The latest update includes the ability to load user wavetables. The 10 MajorOSC wavetables bundled along with the collection are not required to install. 

$ 25

Rogue Wave Incoming....

Just over a year ago, ShockWave was released as the first official patch bank from 1 year later, ShockWave's spiritual successor"SuperWave" arrives for the"Twin Peaks" flagship Novation Summit.


Much like its predecessor, SuperWave serves as a stunning tour-de-force of musicality through creative sound design. Owners of the Novation Summit already know firsthand how easy it is to get amazing results with little effort. In other words, the sweet spot is a mile wide.  Good as that may be, it  actually  challenge for MajorOSC; How do you take an already easy-to-program, beautiful sounding synthesizer, and create a patch collection that stands apart from everything else currently on the market?  Turns out the answer was simple...

Double Down, and Double Up

MajorOSC doubled down on research, on experimentation, on the amount of time play-testing and perfecting each patch. Then MajorOSC doubled UP on the patch count; 1 complete bank of 128 single presets, and 1 complete bank of 128 Multi's.  That's 256 Presets in total (unless you're counting the Multi's as 2 patches each, then its 384!). And not to worry, the one thing that did not double was the price. 

The end result is a comprehensive assortment of the best presets you'll find anywhere.  There are full previews of both patch banks.

Click here to take a closer look at the preset tracker so you can follow along as it goes. Please email if you have any additional questions. 

Full 128 Multi's Previewed

Full 128 Single Patches Preview

Realistic Pianos and EP's Included

Early Previews