64 slick presets to add into your new UDO Super 6. They're lush, deep, ear-pleasing, and very expressive. A nice variety of classic sounding subtractive synthesis, with wild and far out digital wavetable soundscapes. To go along with the 64 presets, you'll also get 14 custom user wavetables. 

Super 64 - UDO Super 6 Patch Bank

64 Patches, 8 per bank - User Banks A-H

+ 14 Custom Waveforms (formated and ready to transfer)



After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Patch Bank File in a Zipped folder. 

$ 20

super6 4.PNG

A - Showcase Presets - Pads, Plucks, Keys, Leads

B - Brass & Pads

C - Bold Leads

D - Bass

E - Pads and Keys

F - Mono and Rhythmic

G - FM, Waveform Oddities, and World Instruments

H - Overflow