Full 1-128 Preview

Transferring to your Peak can be done easily. It can be loaded either with the free Components software that comes with a Peak. Or you can use MIDI OX, a free program for PC, to transfer patches and midi info to and from hardware synthesizers.  

please contact with any questions or issues. 


$ 20

Epic       Bold      Inspiring     Diverse 

This is ShockWave; A Tour-De-Force for the Novation Peak, and a must-own Patch collection for anyone who's looking for expressive and inspiring patches to use for their productions and live performances. This will be Major Oscillator's first premium patch collection, available early June. 128 patches (1 Full Bank) 


Shock Wave sets itself apart from other patch collections from the vast amount of expressive capabilities programmed into each patch. This, in turn leads to inspiration and enhanced creativity. This is accomplished through the use of creative mod routings to velocity, after-touch and the mod wheel. You'll get soaring leads, butter smooth poly strings, tasteful plucks, warm spacious and swirling pads, mind-bending soundscapes from the unknown, rhythm beds, arps, and more. In the collection you'll also discover some iconic recreations of familiar sounds. (Blade Runner soundtrack fan's, rejoice!). 


The ShockWave collection will take your Novation Peak to new heights!



After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Sysex patch bank files. If you're new to the process of loading patches, please be sure to watch the quick tutorial HERE