PULSE XL Showcase

Full 1-128 Preview


After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Sysex patch bank files. If you're new to the process of loading patches, please be sure to watch the quick tutorial HERE


$ 25

 - Option 2 - 

 PULSE DUO $35 - 2 Patch banks

 * PULSE and PULSE XL are available as a combo; PULSE DUO

    (2 full patch banks).

 * You save $10 when buying both.  
 * The original PULSE is also available for purchase individually HERE 


PULSE garnered high praise for showing DeepMind owners the true potential of their hardware. But it didn't take long to discover that there's a whole lot more potential to unleash from within the DM12.  MajorOSC doubled down on researching even more elaborate ways to extract the most ear pleasing and desirable sounds for you to use in productions and live performances. The relentless pursuit of bold new sounds was paired with MajorOSC's approach to sound design; Make it sound incredible, make it useful, make it inspirational, and above all make it fun.  PULSE  XL gives you more. More pads, more bass, better sequences, and more polish.  And just like PULSE, you'll be getting instantly usable patches that bring your music and productions to new levels of quality. 

Redefining Expectations

PULSE (and the follow up, PULSE XL)  set a new benchmark for sound design on the DeepMind 12. This was accomplished in part by placing heavy emphasis on DM12's onboard effects; The 4 on-board effects slots within the Deepmind 12 were not simply used to accompany the sounds from within the normal parameters of the synthesizer. Instead, the effects are an integral part of crafting the sound itself;  Tone, characteristics, dynamics, rhythm, and atmosphere. With dozens of different types of effects, and multiple ways of routing them, this unique approach opened up the flood gates of creative potential.


A note on Quality:   If you're here, chances are you've started to realize your factory patches aren't so good, or maybe you're just tired of them. Think about this: The ability to generate a fresh, “unique” sound does not instantly equate to a “usable” sound for music production or live performance. A patch needs to provide a certain level of play-ability and practicality.  In other words, it needs to be something worthy of putting on a professional recording. It needs polish. The "it" factor, or "vibe" is a never ending thirst for outstanding sound, and it is also the standard benchmark by which every patch is judged.  These meticulous standards for quality are what make any patch bank from MajorOSC well worth the investment. (This is also why the length of time between entries can take as long as 6 months!)

PULSE XL takes the PULSE formula to new levels of creativity and ingenuity, and the results are spectacular. 

Sound Design

With MajorOSC

Original PULSE Teaser

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