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2 Banks. 256 Presets, one incredible collection, and one-of-a-kind. You simply will not find anything like this elsewhere. PULSE DUO is 2 full patch banks; PULSE, and PULSE XL. If you have a DeepMind 12 (or DM6), you're about to find out what your hardware is truly capable of.

PULSE (and the follow up, PULSE XL)  set a new benchmark for sound design on the DeepMind 12. This was accomplished in part by placing heavy emphasis on DM12's onboard effects; The 4 on-board effects slots within the Deepmind 12 were not simply used to accompany the sounds from within the normal parameters of the synthesizer. Instead, the effects are an integral part of crafting the sound itself;  tone, characteristics, dynamics, rhythm, atmosphere, texture. - With dozens of different types of effects, and multiple ways of routing them, this unique approach opened up the flood gates of creative potential. And with so many possibilities for radical new sounds, the development in total spanned over 9 months. The lengthy development time was in part due to the long hours of researching new combinations of routings, generating new textures and timbres, and above all, ensuring that every single patch sounded incredible, was practical, usable, expressive, and outright fun to play. 

 Once you hear PULSE for the first time, one thing will become abundantly clear: You haven't heard your DM12 sound like this before...

Note: Please be sure to check out the development video further down the page. You'll be given a few tips on how to best utilize some of the presets, while also learning more about MajorOSC.com, sound design, and the overall approach taken when creating new content. 


 PULSE DUO - 2 Patch Banks

 * PULSE DUO is a 2-pack containing PULSE, and PULSE XL

    (2 full patch banks).

 * You save $10 on PULSE DUO over purchasing both separately 


After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Sysex patch bank files. If you're new to the process of loading patches, please be sure to watch the quick tutorial HERE


$ 40

Sound Design

With MajorOSC

Original PULSE Teaser

Major Oscillator using PULSE and PULSE XL in his new single: The Agenda