Mercury Patch Collection Trailer

Full Length Demo / Preview 


Mercury is a full patch bank for the Argon8. 100 expressive and original sounding presets from MajorOSC. 

Mercury presets were designed with several genres in mind; Ambient, Progressive House/Trance, and EDM in general. Count on every patch having velocity-based mod routings, Aftertouch, or modwheel routings, (or all three in many cases). These expressive capabilities come in handy when its time to craft an expressive hook that has style and character. 

$ 20



After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Patch Bank File in a Zipped folder. 

Expression-centric presets + Wavetable manipulation = vibrant and rich soundscapes that feel organic and alive.  Smooth plucks, spacious pads, and a goods assortment of bass, ranging from funky and smooth, to crunchy and aggressive. Many presets are inspired heavily by both classic and modern dance artists. Fans of Anjunadeep, Anjunabeats, Global Underground, Armada, Mau5trap, and Future Classic will find themselves right at home. 

Mercury presets push the Argon8's internal DSP to the limit. And the sounds you get from it may end up pushing your music well beyond its limits too.