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Full Patch Tour 1.5 Hours

Ignition 2 is fully loaded; designed on the new 1.5 firmware, thanks to ASM coordinating with MajorOSC in early development months prior to launch.

Ignition 2 is MajorOSC's current flagship collection, and a must own for any Hydrasynth owner.  These are the most advanced and expressive presets you will find. They are meticulously crafted, fine-tuned, and perfected.

Ignition 2 is designed to inspire you, help you make great music, and above all, provide you with endless hours of enjoyment and fun. There's a reason MajorOSC's presets are often described as "addictive."

Check the video previews for a better idea of what to expect. The full tour will briefly explain the differences between 1 and 2. They are both highly recommended and there is no overlap between the two. Ignition 2 is an entirely new entry.  

The New Standard 

Ignition 2 sets new benchmarks for sound design on the Hydrasynth. There's a realistic Piano, A Van Halen guitar rhythm tribute that can be played to sound almost exactly like Eddie, along with some other classic electric guitar tribute patches.  Early customers are already raving about some of their favorites, like  "BSOD Bass," The chilling "Apocalypse Horn," and majestic pads like "Galaxy of 5ths," and "The Wall." Ignition 2 will take your Hydrasynth and your music into completely uncharted realms of sonic possibilities. 

A Note for New Owners of Hydrasynth...

If you just picked up a Hydrasynth and haven' heard Ignition 1, don't overlook it. Ignition 1 and 2 focus on different concepts and those are discussed in the full length videos for each collection.  

Van Halen Patch

Van Halen Patch

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$ 25

Please visit ASM's site to Update to the Latest firmware before installing Ignition 2

Extra Bonus Van Halen / Real

Pack download HERE