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 * Over 150 Presets for ASM Hydrasynth

  *Install to any Bank of your choice w/ ASM's 

  Hydrasynth Preset Manager, downloadable here: 


* Requires latest firmware to be installed. Please read those instructions carefully to ensure success,

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After payment is made, you will be given a direct download link for the Patch Bank Files in a Zipped folder. You'll need to update to the latest Hydrasynth  Firmware and Install the Patch Manager, available to download here 

This is how your Hydrasynth should sound...

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Hydrasynth? MajorOSC has the key.

All you need is Ignition; a full 128 -preset patch bank for the ASM Hydrasynth.

Ignition is what happens when MajorOSC gains access to a wavetable synth with 32 mod slots, 8x8 macros, 5 LFO’s, 5 Envelops, 11 filter types, a full-length touch ribbon, and polyphonic aftertouch to top it all off. In short, it's sort of like giving a mad scientist access to plutonium. 

4+ Months of sound design, testing, playing, community discussion with other enthusiasts alike, and countless late nights discovering the incredible capabilities of Hydrasynth. 

Stylized, Accessable, Completely Addictive to Play

Ignition is a 100% labor of love. The Patches contained within are bold, beautiful, tasteful, and incredibly expressive.  They’re a joy to play, fun to customize, and they reveal the Hydrasynth’s true potential. Also worth mentioning; They sound awesome!

A Patch Within a Patch

A large majority of the presets were designed as fully customizable patch suites, containing any number of macros designed to provide you with a wide variety of timbres, textures, alternative rhythm patterns, and pretty much anything else in between.. Each patch contain between 4 and 8 macros and/or toggle functions. So on any given preset , there are literally dozens, or even hundreds of new sounds, thanks to the macro’s ability to modulate nearly any parameter within the synth, and the mod matrix as well. The Macros on Hydrasynth are gems, hidden in plain site. The macros at your disposal have been given a great deal of thought. This means you’ll be able to get things adjusted very easily and quickly, while also retaining the traits that you like about the patch.. In every sense of the phrase, you’ll have access to a new patch within a patch. Expand your Hydrasynth and Ignite your passion for synthesizers and sound design.

Patch Design in Stereo 

APO Macros 

Adjustable * Panned * Oscillators 

Not just a clever and unnecessary marketing acronym, its a “Major” contributing factor in many of the great sounding presets. Look for the “Stereo” or "Width" Macro label on many of the Ignition presets. Spreading Osc 1 and 2 tends to sound far better than using a traditional chorus effect. As an added bonus of circumstance, it also means there's an additional effects slot open! But importantly, the stereo macro adds depth and space, sounds great, and gives you added flexibility in producing and mixing. 

$ 25