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Dual Ignition Combo Patch Collection
- 2 Banks; Ignition 1 and Ignition 2
Ignition 1 and 2 and now available to purchase for a discounted price as combo patch collection. Dual Ignition includes all the digital content of each of the Ignition Patch Banks. Find out More...

 $  47


This is how your Hydrasynth should sound...

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Hydrasynth? MajorOSC has the key.

All you need is Ignition; a full 128 -preset patch bank for the ASM Hydrasynth.

Ignition is what happens when MajorOSC gains access to a wavetable synth with 32 mod slots, 8x8 macros, 5 LFO’s, 5 Envelops, 11 filter types, a full-length touch ribbon, and polyphonic aftertouch to top it all off. In short, it's sort of like giving a mad scientist access to plutonium. 


Ignition 2 is MajorOSC's current flagship collection, and a must own for any Hydrasynth owner.  These are the most advanced and expressive presets you will find. They are meticulously crafted, fine-tuned, and perfected.