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MajorOSC is a sound design brand created by EDM /Synthwave producer James High, AKA Major Oscillator. MajorOSC provides world class presets for musicians to use for their productions and live performances. The style is distinct, expressive, and thematic. MajorOSC has already caught the attention of professional music artists, composers, synthesizer companies, and sound designers. 

James took MajorOSC full time in mid 2020 with ambitious plans to expand his list of synths and patch banks.   MajorOSC is currently assisting several companies in developing hardware and software synthesizers that have yet to to be revealed to the public.  

About MajorOSC

Under the hood.   Inside the engine.   Hanging dice from the mirror.   MajorOSC is the synthesis equivalent of a high-end sports car mechanic.   His unique brand of synth presets and sound design go above and beyond the usual set-it-forget-it fare.   Each sound is a testament to the care he takes in crafting a useable, well-mixed, and performance-ready instrument."   

Greg Tripi

TV and Film Composer, Sound Designer

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