MajorOSC is a sound design company created by House and Retrowave producer, James High, AKA Major Oscillator. MajorOSC provides world-class synthesizer presets for musicians around the world.   The style is distinct, expressive, and thematic. These attributes quickly earned MajorOSC recognition from professional music artists and Hollywood composers. 

As of late November 2020, James will be working exclusively with Modal Electronics. After providing Modal Electronics with factory presets for the new Cobalt8 synthesizer, Modal made James an offer to stay on the team to help develop the brand and assist in future projects. As part of the agreement, will remain open. But no further releases are planned. 

Under the hood.   Inside the engine.   Hanging dice from the mirror.   MajorOSC is the synthesis equivalent of a high-end sports car mechanic.   His unique brand of synth presets and sound design go above and beyond the usual set-it-forget-it fare.   Each sound is a testament to the care he takes in crafting a useable, well-mixed, and performance-ready instrument."   

Greg Tripi TV / Film Composer, Sound Designer