MajorOSC - PULSE XL *Now Available for the DeepMind 12*

20 $ USD
PULSE XL is a unique patch bank for the Behringer Deepmind 12. It is the second installment in the series, following the original PULSE. The PULSE series is all about movement and expression. The goal is to provide you with instantly usable patches that bring your music and productions to new levels of quality. The DeepMind 12 is a powerhouse for generating sequences. PULSE XL offers a wide variety of tempo sync'd sequences, as well as expressive keys, basses, leads, and evolving pads, each with specific themes and textures. But what really sets the PULSE XL collection apart from other 3rd party patch banks is the heavy emphasis on utilizing the DM12's onboard effects, merging their functions to be part of the patch modulation routing. This means that the 4 on-board effect slots within the Deepmind 12 weren't simply used to accompany the sounds from within the normal parameters of the synthesizer. Instead, the effects are an integral part of the foundation in crafting the sound itself, including the tonal characteristics, dynamics, rhythm, and atmosphere. With dozens of different types of effects, and multiple ways of routing them, it opened up the flood gates of creative potential. This unique approach to sound design is what sets PULSE and PULSE XL apart. In other words, you haven't heard your DeepMind 12 sound like this before...

ALL 128 presets showcased in order below:

A note on Quality: The ability to generate a fresh, “unique” sound does not instantly equate to a “usable” sound for music production or live performance. A patch needs to provide a certain level of play-ability for you to be able to use it reliability, in the style you’re working in. So the final test for any patch is measuring its potential to be used in music. This final test is the standard, and benchmark that each patch must go through. It is also what makes any patch bank from MajorOSC well worth the investment. (This is also why the length of time between entries can take as long as 6 months!)
PULSE XL will push your DM12 into new territory.

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